Evidence Based Neuro-Science with Robust Methodologies

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”

Robert Louis Stevenson 

Overwhelm to Momentum

Amplify Your Power Living with a

Deserving Heart

Destress    Define    Deliver

“There’s a lot I want to give you, and a lot that you can walk away with to achieve tangible outcomes.”

The #1 question to ask right here right now is – Are you ready to end self-defeating sabotage once and for all?

Christine empowers you to get crystal clear about what the next steps are and what prevents you from taking them. She’ll give you effective tools with simple, powerful processes for breaking free from persistent known or hidden self-sabotages.

For 3 decades, Christine’s assisted 1,000s of individuals to reset their heart and mind to elevate beyond their restrictive patterns. She loves sharing her extensive experience & unique expertise to enrich your health, relationships, prosperity and spiritual journey so they’re aligned.



Those who are committed to streamlining their life and business journey by making wise choices that turbo charge them towards the bigger picture. 
  • Inspired Folk who Love to Improve where they’re at
  • Ambitious Couples & Partners
  • Heart-Centred Business Owners
  • Conscious Entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring Career Orientated People
  • Driven Creatives, Marketing & IT Specialists
  • Dedicated Teachers in all Professions
  • Influential Leaders in Corporate & Community
  • Innovative Coaches Ahead of their Game



The questions, doubts and inner conflicts that nag at you and prevent you from –
  • Functioning from a grounded, disciplined place so you build a methodical and effective approach towards your goals.
  • Establishing a practical, pragmatic approach so you ascertain the perfect strategy to deliver the outcome you’re after.
  • Prioritising your health and wellbeing so it’s an integral part of your life and business journey.   
  • Serving with a generous heart and an unpretentious demeanour so you rise above judgmental mind-chatter and “small stuff” for fruitful outcomes.  
  • Not handling pressure well whether from external forces or self-imposed so you’re able to destress or defuse escalating situations with ease.



To own and live organically accessing your “Highest Good” and replace –
  • Limited stories & negative dialogue in your head that cause you to ignore (or forget) you have Free Will and therefore can discern wisely for your wellbeing and quality of life to thrive.
  • Undercurrents of inferiority or insignificance into appreciating your innate value and worthwhile contribution in the scheme of life’s events. 
  • Nit-picking or getting bogged down with “micro-managing” into aligning with what’s next” so you wisely delegate with a sincere heartmind intention. 
  • Irresponsible or unreliable behaviours in your personal or work endeavours into wisely defining the best path for delivering optimum effectiveness.
  • A critical attitude into approaching life with a sense of adventure where your “losses” are addressed as learning experiences and the “wins” embraced and celebrated. 
  • A lack of wellbeing for your body and soul by establishing your work life balance with a wellness regime that gifts you with peak performance personally and professionally.



5 Steps to reset your Bio Energy Connection.  Break free from blocks and self-sabotage for profound change.
  1. We’ll create a dynamic supportive space that supercharges your personal exploration live in a webinar and we’ll continue to augment your transformation with the precise tools on your private online portal for your convenience.
  2. You’ll ignite your innate wisdom and gain valuable awareness & insight as you travel your unique path of development.
  3. Receive the precise shifts necessary and boost integration utilising the inspiring “Attunement Practice” any time as part of your “Wellness Wisdom Work.”
  4. To be sure your burning questions are covered we’ll catch up for a live Interactive Power Talk. Plus, so you remain on track, you’ll also receive a focused Snap-Shot Power Talk podcast.
  5. And to optimise your 30-Day Activation journey, you’ll reap the 24/7 facilitation backing from the specifically chosen Mastery Essence. This empowering tool is formulated to accelerate your results and is mailed directly to you once you’ve registered.

All the amazing offerings mentioned are POWER PACKED, so you REALLY DO make noticeable inroads into your OVERWHELM TO MOMENTUM journey.


Over 30 days you’ll be guided within a supportive, intimate group dynamic (in a virtual format) with content designed to position you perfectly, so nothing falls through the cracks and you gain a heightened awareness of what’s possible.

As part of this opportunity you’re invited to join us for 2 live virtual events that are backed up with 24/7 access to effective tools and processes on your private portal.    

The Activation Event on 4-9-23 at 7.30pm targets the specific areas relevant to you personally regarding the topic for the month and the Power Talk is run 2 weeks later which augments your follow-through for further insight and integration.

If you’re unable to attend either event, you can easily submit any questions or thoughts you’d like to share or ask prior to our meet up, and I’ll be sure to respond to them and you’ll receive the recording.

Keep in mind you also have 24/7 access to me via private message and you’ll be benefiting from the supportive private online group who are travelling with you on the journey.

Join me and learn how to Amplify Your Power Living with a Deserving Heart!

To register click on one of the buttons on this page. If you need more info or you’d prefer to register or make payment by phone, by all means reach out to me on 0409 140 179.

This Month’s 30-Day Activation is $397

Invite a family member, friend or colleague to share this Activation Event with you and you can both benefit from our special offer “two for the price of one.”

Includes all Bonuses + Mastery Essence + Postage & handling.

Please note: Additional Mastery Essence will need to be purchased for extra person partaking in the two-for-one offer.

(a small surcharge may be incurred for international postage)

By all means invite anyone you know who would benefit. Share the love! Reap the benefit of travelling this insightful 30-Day journey together.
Once you’ve registered, you’ll access the many generous discounts and bonuses available in the portal.
The question is, is it time to get off the debilitating cycle of unconscious resistance and limited thinking even if you’re not aware of what that may be?
That’s one of the major reasons why you’d participate – so you can get laser clarity about that.

If the answer is YES, you’re in the right place.

I’m SO looking forward to sharing this life changing opportunity with you.

Your Self-Sabotage Eliminator

Reset Your Heart & Mind for Brilliant Outcomes

Your Life & Business Elevation Specialist

Mobile:    +61 409 140 173​
​Locations: Box Hill, Surrey Hills & Frankston, Victoria, Australia​
Consultations: In-person, Via Telephone & Zoom​
​Programs: In-person & Virtual Interactive Live Events
Website: www.anewyou.com.au​

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Register for Overwhelm to Momentum

Congratulations on taking the first step towards igniting the brilliance in you. After making payment you will be asked to register your details and create a login.

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AUD 397.00

Register for Overwhelm to Momentum

Congratulations on taking the first step towards igniting the brilliance in you. After making payment you will be asked to register your details and create a login.

Personal Information

Card Details

AUD 397.00