“When you’re not aware of your unconscious drivers and you don’t have a clear vision or know the specific steps to attain it, valuable time and resources are wasted and momentum for growth is lost. Christine Long

Savvy Start Up Program

Start right! Start the way you need for continued success…

Define    Align    Design

The 5 “P” Essential Savvy Start Up Success Principles

The #1 question to ask right here right now is – Are you ready to elevate your mindset, increase your knowledge and integrate focused action that’ll empower your to Define, Align and Design exponential business outcomes with your values and purpose.

Christine facilitates you to get laser focused about the crucial 5 “P” Principles, Purpose, Process, Permission, Position and Possession. 

You’ll access effective tools, innovative concepts, and powerful processes and systems that’ll free you from persistent known or hidden self-defeating thoughts and decisions. This will broaden your awareness of what’s possible and you’ll have the wherewithal to implement it.

For 3 decades, Christine’s assisted 1,000’s of individuals to reset their heart and mind to rise beyond restrictive patterns and conditioning.

She loves sharing her extensive experience & expertise to enrich your unique business journey.

Her multi-faceted approach provides the insights and methods necessary to achieve a thriving work-life balance, flourishing personal and professional relationships, and increased prosperity while also honouring your inner Spiritual connection.

WHY – Purpose Pillar

Delve into what you’re naturally aligned with and what aligns with you and why.

Explore how to increase your capacity to integrate and take action with your “Core Why.”

With laser accuracy you’ll discover the crucial ingredients specific to you, that’ll awaken and sustain your inspiration and direction.

You’ll unearth how to position yourself well and build a profound level of resilience that’ll tackle whatever challenge comes your way.

Don’t underestimate the power of knowing and embodying your “CORE WHY.”

It’ll provide the much needed dynamic edge – delivering business longevity, confidence and courage to successfully follow your calling.  You’ll be a force to be reckoned with!

WHAT – Process Pillar

Reveal what dilutes your efforts and practical steps to remedy it.

Enjoy this essential process to attain crystal clarity about “where to from here” to ensure you don’t get in your own way and instead build your optimum state of effectiveness.

You’ll uncover what you need to “DO” to “BE” what you need to “BE”, so your motivation is defined by inspiration and meaning, rather than succumbing to fear and stress or being stuck in past limited conditioning.

Gain wise discernment regarding how NOT to run out of steam, get side-tracked with the next “Shiny Object” or do what your limited self tells you when it doesn’t fit with your core values or true calling.

Enjoy the full benefit of possessing the buoyancy and conviction necessary to execute with significance what’s essential for your consistent success.  “The Sky’s the Limit!”

WHO – Permission Pillar

Discover and understand your Authentic Self – Turbo charge your “Power of Attraction.”

Now that’s gotta be a good thing no matter where you are on your business journey!

Who doesn’t want to increase their “Power of Attraction” Right?

You’ll uncover how to amplify your capacity to connect and communicate effectively and be well equipped to open the right doors for your desired outcomes to flow to you.

You’ll learn how to become an “Attraction Magnet” magnetising the perfect people and opportunities for your life and business such as the ideal personal and professional networks, colleagues, clients, contacts, peers and resources.

Be irresistible to your ideal clients and all those who are aligned with you and what you offer.  How Awesome!

WHERE – Position Pillar

Learn simple tips and effective tools that’ll consistently elevate and maintain elevated thinking and encourage an optimistic state.

Access innovative strategies that build morale and resilience in you and your team.

Know how to demonstrate aligned, tangible value to clients no matter how limited your cash flow or resources are.

Imagine your inner self and outer environment are congruent and well anchored in providing insight, purpose and meaning for you, your team and all those you interact with for robust, fruitful outcomes to occur organically.

Optimise your psycho-physical, financial and environmental position so they’re in synergy and work to your advantage.  So Good!

WHEN – Possession Pillar

Access your full potential and be your own powerhouse co-creating and ultimately excelling.

Gain a focused micro understanding and a well-defined macro vision of your mission and uncover what’s essential for you to manifest that.

You’ll equip yourself to resolve internal and external limitations as you wisely craft succinct goals, efficient systems and ideal time-lines designed to propel you towards your vision without jumping ship on your core values.

Learn how to Define, Align and Design the necessary steps and choices that’ll place you in the right place at the right time to achieve prosperous outcomes.

Be in-tune with the wisdom of perfect timing so you embody the empowered precision required to take possession of your vision. Yes Please!

You can participate in one or all 5 Essential Savvy Start Up Success Pillars –

There’s a generous sliding scale discount where you’ll receive massive savings when you register for more than one Pillar.

You’ll immerse into a guided, supportive and dynamic transformative process. You’ll access a heightened awareness of what’s possible and be well positioned to follow through with it.

All the amazing offerings mentioned are POWER PACKED, so you REALLY DO make noticeable inroads into your SAVVY START UP journey.
You’ll have access to EFFECTIVE TOOLS and PROFOUND INSIGHTS to DISCOVER, ELEVATE and ENRICH your business mindset, acumen and acuity.
You’ll have your own private portal with access to innovative material at your fingertips.

To learn more about your options, generous discounts and bonuses, reach out to me via email christine@anewyou.com.au or call 0409 140 173 for a 15 minute chat to see if this is the right fit for what you need.

Let’s Do This Together!

The question is….Is it time to work “smarter not harder” and be “savvy” with your valuable business’s significance and growth?
Sure, maybe you know the Why, What, Who, Where and When which is awesome, but would it be beneficial for me to stretch you so you elevate to a whole new paradigm of increased reward?
If the answer is you don’t know what they are – “big problemo!”  More time and resources will continue to be drained away!

So either way, you’re in the right place.

By all means invite anyone you know who would benefit. Share the love! Reap the benefit of travelling this insightful 1-5 month (you choose) journey together.

 Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive the many innovative tools, generous discounts and bonuses on offer and access your private portal.

I’m SO looking forward to sharing this life changing opportunity with you.
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